HOTEL RESTAURANT PIKASSARIA - 64310 Sare, In the heart of the basque country

Booking : 05 59 54 21 51


In the air conditioned of the restaurant or under the shade of the century old plane- trees, our chef will delight your senses by his cuisine, respectfull of the spices and flavours of the Basque Country.

He puts all his experience and a narrow collaboration with the local producers and farmers to create dishes honoring the ‘savoir faire’ of this region and makes his restaurant a focal point of the area.

The wine list will tempt you by including the very best of IROULEGUY wineries, and exellent wine produced in our local mountains, without forget the BORDEAUX, RIOJA, TURSAN and many others that will make you evening a cherished memory.


  • Menu du randonneur / 20.00 €

    Au choix :

    La Sélection du jardinier

    L’Assiette bayonnaise

    Les Gourmandise du charcutier

    Les belles gambas grillées et mayonnaise maison

    L’omelette aux cèpes


    Pièce de bœuf du moment

    Axoa de veau maison

    Carre de porcelet roti

    Pavé de merlu au chorizo

    Filet de daurade a l’espagnol


    Gâteau basque maison à la crème pâtissière

    Glace ou sorbet (2 boules parfums au choix)

    Glace du berger
    (Glace au lait de brebis et cerise noire)

    Petite Profiterole (1 choux)

    Profiteroles gourmande (2 choux)

    Baba au rhum et glace barbe à papa

    Coupe xistera
    (sorbet pomme ,salade de fruits, chantilly)

    Coupe Aitatxi
    (Sorbet mandarine, liqueur patxaran)

    Coupe Itxassou
    (Sorbet cerise, glace vanille, cerise et coulis cerise, chantilly)

    « ARDI GASNA » confiture de cerises noires

  • Menu des p’tit Loup (-12 ans) / 9.00 €

    Chiffonnade de jambon du pays ou jambon blanc
    Saucisses confites maison
    Pave de merlu grillé

    Plat accompagné de frites maison

    Dessert - Glace ou gâteau basque

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Our sheep and beef are from France or Europe. Our prices are understood to include service excluding consumption

Our establishment displays a restaurant sign, as such the preparation of certain dishes requires a waiting period that we strive to be as short as possible thank you for your understanding.